Easy tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance / repair

The air temperature is quite warm and humid throughout the year such as giving a sign to immediately install the AC (Air Conditioner) at home.

Thepresence of AIR CONDITIONING really helps dissipate heat or flavor once sultry attached. Although the fan also alienate you from the heat but fan does not have the feature of cooling as it is owned by AIR CONDITIONING.

Indeed the hero's looks like AC air conditioner, but if kept lit throughout the day will speed up the age of AIR CONDITIONING, that may cause damage to the machine. Surely you don't want the AIR CONDITIONING broken thy dong, let alone when the weather is hot. In order to extend the life of air conditioning or keep it more durable certainly requires special attention.

Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance & service

For those of you who still see-saw AIR CONDITIONING, it's good you see the type of AIR CONDITIONING and specifications you need. The exact size of the room you need to specify Paardekracht (PK) is owned by power or AIR CONDITIONING. Oh yes, we also have alerts you about the price of AIR CONDITIONERS based on PK her for you.

After you buy the AIR CONDITIONING of course you like the item remained durable, right? Keep the durability will avoid you spending money which pretty much to correct faulty AIR CONDITIONING. Want to know how to order the AIR CONDITIONING still hold it longer? Let's take a look!

7 How to care for AIR CONDITIONING in the House Durable!

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Before you buy AIR CONDITIONING, it's good you know the size of the Horse power (HP) air conditioning you will also need to know the size of the room in order to be adapted to the size of the previous  PK air conditioning have been discussing calculation of PK in air conditioning, you can view the details in the link such. If the size of the PK too much larger than the AC then the size of the room will feel too cold.

Conversely, if HP too small than the size of the room then the AIR CONDITIONING will be a little cold and the engine will be working hard to cool the room. Therefore you should know the size of the room which is suitable for HP ye.
If turned on the AIR CONDITIONING so room covered with the meeting. This is intended so that the AIR CONDITIONING was not working too hard to cool the room and the room feels cool.

When traveling it's good you turned off the air conditioning in addition you save energy, you also save money on expenses.
Use the timer feature when turned on the AIR CONDITIONING as needed.

AIRCONDITIONING should lit the longest 5 hours and after that break cools the engine. Therefore, in using AIR CONDITIONING machine in order to use the timer feature AIR CONDITIONING can be maintained properly.

It's not too often set the temperature of the AIR CONDITIONING be below 22 degrees Celsius. All too often set the temperature of AIR CONDITIONING below 22 degrees Celsius would make a quick Hot AIR CONDITIONING machines. In addition, temperature 22 degrees is the temperature of the room that is fit for the climate of Indonesia.

Do cleaning regularly to the inside air conditioning Cleansing this routine you can do 1 month if the air is not too murky. Conversely, if murky, you can do the cleaning 2 times a month.

We recommend that you check the freon in air conditioning if the freon leak or experience a reduction of then AIR-CONDITIONING will become less cold.

Werecommend every 6 months you put freon on AC by checking the technician air conditioning not only the inside of course AIR CONDITIONING blower only, located outside the building should be cleaned on a regular basis so that the more fresh air circulation.

Besides you know how to care for the use of air conditioning, you should also be aware of the proper use of the needs.