Causes of refrigerant leak

If we have air conditioner, of course likes to ask why or the cause of freon or refrigerant air conditioner quickly decreases. Liquid refrigerant indeed has a very important role and seems to have always heard in our ears. If we deal with the name of a cooling machine. But actually not all Hvac coolers use Refrigerant for tools or for cooling materials. Many machine machines for HVAC field machines that use other than refrigerant, for the material that is widely used is ammonia, for cooling by using ammonia does not apply a compressor for its cooling machine. Rather it uses a kind of set of heather devices.

Causes of refrigerant leak

However, for the field of cooling that we often hear is to apply the refrigerant  for cooling liquid material. Because using refrigerant will be simpler and easier to find in store cooler store. Until so easy to be a lot of options for packaging packaging purchase. There are ranging from 300ml 600ml 3kg to 12kg. And also there is um selling it refill system or refill by buying retail.

Okay we will start on the subject what causes the air conditioner refrigerant reduced or other freon cooler. Basically the refrigerant is reduced because of leakage loopholes in the installation of ac or other cooling.

Leakage leaks on the ac installation can occur on all installs, from the evaporator, to the ac installation pipe or to the ac ac. Sometimes it can happen to the compressor, but it rarely happens.

Leakage on the channel or ac installation is usually common in Uben or leter u on the evaporator or condenser, because in the uben pipes it will be leaky vulnerable which in the piping will be vulnerable or easily broken when exposed to vibration or friction.

In addition to the often cracked uben bends, leakage Freon ac also often occur at the point point or nipple nipple pipe in the indoor or outdoor. Because the nepel connection is really hard to ensure 100% safe.

In addition to nepel and uben that often cause leakage of freon, usually also often occurs in the existing stabilizer pipe between the compressor and condenser joints. If the ac split wall this is often the case because of the narrow space in the compressor installation space so that very often there is friction between pipes and friction to the outdoor ac body. Because the pipe stabilizer is the closest or most receive vibration from the compressor operation path, and indeed the function of this pipe to stabilize or dampen the vibration of the freon.

In ac installation pipes also often occur freon leak may be because the pipeline is long and there is corrosion or pipe mang there are some defects.

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